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Veo Friis Jespersen: Alea

8 April – 13 May 2017 

Galleri Benoni

Store Kongensgade 40, 1264 Copenhagen K

Tue-Fri: 12-17, Sat: 12-15, closed Mondays

Alea: A Solo Exhibition by Veo Friis Jespersen at Galleri Benoni

Veo Friis Jespersen works in sculpture in an expanded field. In her new exhibition, Alea, she continues her investigations of existential issues, focusing on the temporary, the processual and the definitive.

The bronze sculptures in the exhibition are based on an experimental method Friis Jespersen first tried out in 1996 and later took up again for her solo show “Existencias Temporales” in Chile, 2014.

In these experiments, accident and unpredictability are integral to the process and essential to the final form of the sculptures. A variable amount of heated wax is poured into cold or ice-cold water and hardens. The process is repeated with new wax. Each time, an intense and surprising encounter occurs between the boiling hot wax and the frigid water. In the hardened wax, turbulent and chaotic forms alternate with regular, stratified curves. The results are dense, often fragmentary sculptural materializations. Some are kept, others are rejected. This aleatory process gave the exhibition its name: Alea.

The sculptures are cast in a direct lost wax process, in which the wax original is lost. Each work is one of a kind and, in this case, also massive. Showing clear traces of a condensed encounter in time, the result is transformed and arrested in the casting process. The bronze sculptures represent a paradoxical convergence of the liquid, chaotic, energetic and fugitive with the transformed and definite. The finished works bear the marks of every process involved.

Based on the structure of amorphous carbon, “Amorpheus” is a kaleidoscopic yet harmonious web of countless wooden beads and a black wool thread connecting them in all directions. The web looks ready to expand beyond the wooden surface on which it is sewn. In the gallery, the object is in dialogue with the bronzes on the walls. At both places, we are confronted with complex, chaotic structures that here and now appear to have attained a temporary calm.

The sculptural installation “Surrendering” presents a statement that is perfectly balanced,yet fragile and threatened in its essence and static position. A light touch, a single correction, and the installation changes. The work consists of cut semi-transparent plastic, cobber pipe, iron, glass, a reflective surface and the space between the parts. The work is in constant transformation, mirroring itself, the surrounding space and the human body as you pass by.

In the Alea exhibition, transformations of space and the audience’s potential are put into play – what we sense and experience, the story we create when we read the works. The work is about cracks, tensions and new possibilities of recognition, about what is partially hidden and what we, the audience, discover in between the surfaces and spaces of the works in their meeting and dialogue with the surrounding space.

Veo Friis Jespersen attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1986-1994). She has exhibited at Møstings Hus, Den Frie, Viborg Kunsthal, Charlottenborg, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Denmark and internationally at MAM, Museo De Arte Moderno, and Worm Gallery, Valparaiso, Chile, among other venues. Friis Jespersen is a co-founder of She has made a number of works for public sites, including Hartmann’s Park in Nærum, for the Danish Arts Foundation and Rudersdal Municipality. Her work is in Hobro Kunstsamling, the Danish Arts Foundation, MAM, Museo De Arte Moderno, Chile, Odense Kunstfond, and many private collections.

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